Pioneer DDJ-SX vs Vestax VCI-400

Posted on December 6, 2012 by KoolKidd

Now anybody that knows me, would know that I haven't spun my decks in like, forever. But hey why should that stop me from wanting the latest DJ gadgets...

So the Vestax VCI-400 has been out for a while now having been shown off at the 2011 BPM show in Birmingham and would probably be the natural progression for my current DJTechTools Vestax VCI-100SE controller. But having clapped my eyes on the new Pioneer DDJ-SX, I'm not so sure.

Native Instruments Traktor was my choice as I made my way away from vinyl and into the digital realm of mixing. But a house move meant there was no room at the Inn for the decks, which paved the way for the purchase of the VCI-100SE. So now my whole library has been analysed and setup for use with Traktor, the Pioneer DDJ-SX comes with Serato DJ which could mean re-analysing an entire library.

Is the pull of the Pioneer strong enough to make such a switch, let's see some specs and more importantly pics to help me decide...

Vestax VCI-400 Ean Golden Edition -$899.00 approx £559.00

Main Features

  • - Ergonomic 4 channel layout
  • - Advanced mappings by Ean Golden
  • - 2 channels stand-alone mixer
  • - Transport buttons with 3 banks of mapping
  • - Custom DJTT jog effects
  • - Highly responsive soft touch buttons
  • - Milled large aluminum blue filter knobs
  • - Premium low latency high resolution 24bit/48kHz soundcard
  • - Dual core digital processor

Pioneer DDJ-SX - $999.00 approx £619.00

Main Features

  • - Industry's first 4-channel performance DJ controller/mixer for Serato DJ software
  • - Pro-level build quality with oversized jog wheels feat. CDJ-type on jog display
  • - 8 soft-touch rubber controller/trigger pads per deck for loop/sample
  • - Can be used as a stand alone 4-channel mixer

Ooohhh, decisions decisions...

For a full in-depth review on the Vestax-VCI-400 and Pioneer DDJ-SX check them out at DJTECHTOOLS.
All pictures from DJTECHTOOLS.

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